Website Support Packages

Website Support Packages

So why is a Website Support Package so important?

Owning a website has responsibilities. You can’t just upload it and forget it.

Website Backups

Certainly, the most critical task when running a website is regular restorable backups. Whilst is having a regular backup is great…. do you ever test to see if your site can be restored? We do…. regularly. We also have 3 different backup mechanisms just in case one of them is compromised.

Software Updates

Your website is just like your desktop PC. Every few days software updates are released to fix bugs or security loopholes. Sometimes they even introduce new features that may benefit your business. Each and every day these updates are tested on a staging system then automatically pushed out onto your site.

Security Auditing and Monitoring

What if your site gets hacked? We’ll on my servers it won’t. I’m confident of this because we use harden our servers and use cloud-based security to protect all sites on them. However, just in case, we scan your site’s files for malware or malicious code at least twice a week.

Uptime Monitoring

Next up, is uptime monitoring (or availability monitoring as it’s sometimes known). We monitor your site every 30 seconds 24/7 to make sure that it’s not only online but also showing the correct information. I respond to any outage and normally have the site back up and running in minutes.

Site Analytics

Monitoring your visitors is just as important as all the other tasks. I’ll set up your preferred site analytics or I’ll set up my own and give you access to them

Site Updates

It’s all well and good having a new website but what happens in 6 months when you have a new product or awesome piece of news you want to share. With an active maintenance agreement in place, you have an allocation of design/development time to draw from as and when you need it.


My Website Support Package comes with hosting on my super-fast UK servers. Hosting alone costs £90 a year so you are getting plenty of value.


You also get a free .uk domain registration/renewal each and every year you have an active support agreement.

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough reasons why a Website Support Package is a great idea. If not feel free to ask us questions. You can give me a call or email using the details at the bottom of this page

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