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Uptime Monitoring

When you want to access a certain site on the internet there is nothing more infuriating than receiving the "Page cannot be displayed" message or even no message at all. You need to access that site there and then, otherwise you'll move on to somewhere else. Spin this...

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Passwords. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Passwords have been used since the early ages when Sentry Guards would challenge those approaching to supply a password. In modern times, username and passwords are commonly used to provide access control to protected computer systems. Despite the name, there is no...

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So here we go

Hey, My name is Matt, I'm not much of a writer... honestly. This completely goes against my grain, but I thought heck who cares, let's give it a go. My main aim for this blog is to pass on useful advice, tools and things I learned whilst I starting my own Web Design...

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