You need a Transactional Email Service

You need a Transactional Email Service

If you run any type of website or e-commerce store then behind the scenes whenever a user performs a transaction, a transactional email is created. These are automated messages sent to a subscriber or website owner based on actions on a particular application or website. Order updates, booking, subscription confirmation, and notifications are examples of transactional emails.

What are Transaction Email Services?

Transactional email services are 3rd party email delivery services that specialise in the successful delivery and tracking of transactional emails. They work endlessly to keep their public address spaces clean from spam and malicious content. Combined with additions to your domain DNS records means email delivery rates to the inbox increase.

Why should you use them?

Imagine how many phone calls a company would receive if order confirmations email were not bring successfully delivered from a fast moving e commerce store.

Imagine if your customers were sending contact forms requests to you but you never respond to them.

From a customer’s perspective, successful delivery of transactional emails go a long way in reassuring them of a brand’s reliability. Moreover, they help companies offer better customer service. For example, an order confirmation email confirms that a business has received a customer’s order. In turn, it keeps the buyer from being uncertain regarding the status of their transaction. An ignored contact request will certainly loose a business custom.

If you’d like to learn more about integrating a transactional email service into your wordpress website, please get in touch using any of the contact methods below.

If you have a website supported by me, it already uses my preferred transactional email service, Mailgun, at no extra cost to you.