Content Delivery Network Full Page Cache

Content Delivery Network Full Page Cache

New features for existing customers

I don’t just offer new customers excellent service levels. My existing customers also benefit from the improvements and upgrades I apply as part of my continuous improvement process. Striving to offer the best web design, maintenance and support.

In the last six months, three of my customers have started selling outside of the UK. Even though I have super fast UK servers, set up with the best software stack and use a content delivery network to help distribute static content out to end users all over the world, the initial request had to come from where ever the customer was located, back to the UK.

My thoughts started to wander on how to put my HTML at the edge (or in other words distribute it worldwide) so therefore closer to end-users. So today, I’ve finally implemented my solution. Full-page caching at the edge, all around the world.

If all this means nothing to you. In a nutshell, it means faster, more responsive websites. All around the world, no matter where the end-user is located. See the graphic below for the average response time drop when the service was activated.