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So..  why choose me?

I’ll give you a few reasons why…


Fair Pricing

I price fairly. I’m not interested in taking your money and running. I like to build long lasting relationships with my customers.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t like any of my design work, I’ll start again. If you still don’t like it then I’ll give you a refund.


My servers are in the UK

This means faster load times for your customers.


If I don't have to pass cost onto customers I won't

I stand by my pricing. If you sign up for a deal at £180 a year, it stays at £180 for the length of your custom.


I've never had a server hacked

I install a custom security platform that uses cloud technology. Hundreds of thousands of websites share information regarding hacking attempts and blocked internet addresses thus increasing the intelligence of a single website.


All my designs are responsive

This means you don’t need a separate website designing for mobile devices.


I want my customers to succeed

If my customers are successful, then we can enjoy a long lasting relationship.


I know how to explain things in simple terms

I’ve worked in IT for over 23 years and know how to speak on a non techy level.


I have 100% customer retention

I’m proud to boast, a customer hasn’t left me yet.


I will be honest

If I think something won’t work, I’ll tell you and also explain why.


The best of everything

I would rather spend a little more and get the best than accept less. All my product offerings are the top of their class.


I support a safer more secure internet

All new site builds come with an SSL certificate and use the HTTPS protocol as standard.


I work with anyone and everyone

Yes that means people like you.

If I could have given 6 stars I would have! I’m so utterly delighted to have found Matt, he’s been brilliant! I’m an author and my website is where I sell my books from. Matt made a few insightful changes to the site I had previously and my sales literally doubled! Not only is he great at what he does he is fab to communicate with. If you’re lucky enough to get Matt working with you on your website you’re in very safe hands!

Helen Lacey

Children’s Author
Matt has provided me with a website that is exactly to my specification. It has the feel of calm and easy reading that I asked for. Matt has a professional and friendly approach to business. He has been brilliant at understanding my detailed requests, making great suggestions for me to consider during the development. I now have a great business tool and a platform of information. A website open to growth and change in the future.

Amanda Harpin

Holmfirth Yoga and Pilates

Fab chap, fab service, im a total technophobe, and always texting for help, Matt always gives me advice and sorts out my website, people always say how lovely my website is:) thanks Matt, highly recommended:)

Zoe Hobson

Love Vintage Yorkshire

Who do you work with?

In a nutshell…. anyone and everyone.

That said, there are certain situations where I might not be the best choice to work with you on your project.

If any of the following apply, I’m probably not the web designer for you…

– You want something for free or cheap because you have more work to offer me in the future.

– You need convincing that you need a website.

– You’ve dabbled in web design, but don’t have the time to do the work yourself.

– You don’t value my time or your own and choose to waste it.

What geographical areas do you work in?

I’m based in Wombwell and have clients in Barnsley, Rotherham, Dearne Valley and Huddersfield.

My target area is South and West Yorkshire however, in a nutshell, if you want to work with me, then I’m happy to work with you!

How long until my site is live?

I find this all depends on you. I have generally finished the build process before you have sent me all the content.

If all goes to plan. From the initial meeting to official go live can be as little as a month.

Who supplies the content?

Generally, you will need to supply me with written content and relevant photos or artwork. I can help by sourcing stock images for certain situations.

If you would like me to create written content then I charge £25 per hour.

Can I have @mydomain email accounts?

Yes, I can provide this. Email addresses are free with an active domain and website contract.

However, if email is critical for your business, I recommend Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 for resilience and reliability. These products use Google’s/Microsofts email service with your own domain name. I can help you set these up at no extra cost.

Can I have a HTTPS site?

Yes, I would always advise using HTTPS. However, if there is a specific reason you want HTTP then that’s fine too. 

Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes. All of my designs are responsive which means they adapt to the size of the screen they are being viewed on.

Once the site is live, can I edit my own content?

Yes, you can. All my sites are built on WordPress so it’s quite simple to amend or edit your own content.

However, if you have a support agreement then I’m happy to do this for you. With each support contract, you have an allowance of support hours to use on whatever you want as and when required.

Who owns the site and domain?

You do. Simple as that.

If you choose to move your site away from me then I’ll be disappointed. However, I’ll help you do so. You just need to let me know where you are moving to and I’ll arrange the transfer of your domain. I’ll supply you with a backup of your site and database to pass onto your new company.

Can you help me out with my existing site?

Yes I can. Just get in touch and I’ll do my thing!

Can you do other things like design me a logo or flyers etc?

Yes, I can. But…. in all honesty, it’s not my area of expertise and I’ll subcontract it out to one of my contacts in this area. Unless you desperately want to go through me then it will probably be cheaper going direct.

Why are you so cheap compared to some web design companies?

I don’t class myself as cheap. I’m affordable. The work I do is of the utmost quality.

I’m a small business and as such have low overheads. I also have experience of working in other more technical areas of IT which means I can do most of the “techie” stuff myself saving me and you money.

Finally, I’m not greedy and prefer to build long lasting relationships with my customers, which in turn means more sustainable businesses for us all.

How much will my project cost?

My pricing starts low for a basic one-page website and goes up depending on what is added to the project. The best way to get an accurate idea of cost is to have a none committal chat.

All work is quoted upfront and I will never proceed without your prior approval of a written quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or online using cards through my payment gateway partner Stripe.

For web design projects I ask for 50% deposit payment after you accept my quote. The balance is due once I complete my design work.

For all other services, the full balance is payable upfront.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans can be applied to any site costing over £500.

Support and hosting contracts can be paid for monthly.

All payment plans are made at my discretion.

Your Contract of Sale looks scary?

Unfortunately, in this day and age, I have to cover myself from potential litigation and as such by signing up to any of my plans it is assumed you have agreed to it.

That said, as long as you don’t do anything illegal and pay on time you should have no issues. I’d always talk to you first before doing anything drastic!

How can I tell you are good at your job?
I can supply links to customer sites.

I have positive feedback received from customers on my home page.

You can see our site availability records here.

What if I don't like what you do?

Please tell me! I will not take offence. I’d rather spend a few more days on a project than have an unhappy customer.

What if i'm still not happy?

Then I’ll start the design process right over from the beginning or you can have a full refund. It’s your call.

Do you do White Label work?

Yes I do. Please get in touch.


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